Application - Debug Version

You should have received from us a Debug version of ZeSchool which runs on your ChromeBook locally (i.e. not via Chrome Webstore). This is not for students, as it does not take the fullscreen, to allow us to open other windows and see is happening with the App.


If you have setup rules that prevent users from downloading packaged apps (i.e. not from Webstore) or simply blocked all app installs, you may need to temporarily relax these rules. Otherwise you may not be able to install this debug version.


  1. Once the debug App folder is shared with the user, open their Files app
  2. From Google Drive folder, drag the folder ClassroomAPP Debug into Downloads
  3. Go to Chrome browser, open chrome://extensions
  4. Remove the original version of ClassroomAPP if already there (to avoid confusion)
  5. Enable Developer Mode on top right
  6. Click on Load unpacked extension
  7. It should take you to your files, select ClassroomAPP Debug
  8. A new App will appear in your Chrome
  9. Launch the new app
  10. Right away, in the view of the App (which now does not take full screen), right click -- if using keyboard only = Alt + trackpad click
  11. Select Inspect, click on console, and enable Preserve log right under console tab heading
  12. Go through the process that caused the issue and watch the console -- there should be one or two errors from the App (normal stuff), anything else is worth looking at.