Our new KnowledgeBase is now online. We have designed it to allow easy traversal and linking of articles, for teachers and administrators to find information quickly.

The KnowledgeBase comes with a built-in search engine that indexes all articles. The search will prioritize articles based on scoring criteria for all given keywords, in this order:

  1. Article title
  2. Article tags
  3. Article content


Articles can have be tagged with as many tags as the technical author believes are relevant. We have identified three main tags for now (Basics, Classroom and Content) and will be adding more later.

Relevant Articles

To make it easier to locate relevant information, a sidebar on the left (not visible on small smartphone screens) will list all the articles that are tagged with similar tags as current article. Make sure to always glance this list as new articles may be added.

Simple Editor

To encourage our technical team to write and update articles, we have developed our knowledge base using markdown language, which is super easy to use, and let's the author focus on what they are trying to say. By removing such friction, we expect high efficiency in producing solid and useful articles.


Head out to the KnowledgeBase to start learning how to use ClassroomAPP to its fullest!