Setting up your digital classroom could not be easier. You don't even need to call us (although, we'd love to talk to you and brainstorm, share ideas and stories). The application in itself can do pretty much all you need, and it's designed to be super easy to use (single-button approach). To get a list of all that is available under the hood, you can read this article

Getting the App

The easiest thing, is to install the Chrome / ChromeBook version from here. Even if you don't have a ChromeBook, you will get the exact functionalities on your PC, Mac or any laptop / desktop using the Chrome browser (to know why we chose this browser read here. For mobile devices search for 'ClassroomAPP' to find the App.

A major advantage of the Chrome version of ZeSchool is that it updates itself automatically so you don't have to manage App downloads on user devices.


Once you installed and ran the App, you should find your way to the login screen, click on Register, then choose your profile as Instructor (of course, your students / parents will select Students and Parents respectively).

If you are using login services, such as Google Classroom / Login, Microsoft or Clever, we recommend you register with the same email. Or you simply login with that service.


At this point, we are sure you are excited to launch your digital classroom. But first, we strongly recommend you go through the Wizards. They will, in less time it takes to brew your coffee, teach you the ins and outs of managing your digital classroom. These wizards were designed to give you what you need to know quickly.

Create your first Course

From the Home panel, click on My Courses, then in the menu, click on the cogwheel to add a new course. Go through the process and you get a Code at the end. Remember that code or simply go to the Codes Manage panel (look at the footer of the Codes page).

Registering your Students

Ask your students to go through the registration process you went through. At the end of the registration process, they enter the code you provided them in the previous step. And voila! They are registered to your course. You can go to the My Classroom and select your course, you will see them there.

Important: They need to properly select Student otherwise they won't be able to link to your classroom.


Parents go through the same registration steps (of course, selecting Parent in the registration options). The trick with parents is that students have to generate the code for them. Once that is done, and they enter the code into their ClassroomAPP (in the Codes panel), they are linked to your classroom too. They can access the classroom in read-only mode.

We are almost done adding a chat feature so you can communicate with Parents (and students too). Stay tuned ...

Next Steps

Now you are done with this basic registration step, and your digital classroom is launched. At this point, you can pretty much do anything you like (create content, share applications, browse collaboratively ...). The wizards will give you some good insight and we will be adding more content to this blog with ideas and best practices.

As always, we'd love to hear from you to see how things are progressing, and to get ideas for more features.